Conversational English Voiceover, it’s on your to do list, right?

“Oh man, I really need a conversational English Voiceover Artist about now!”

How often have you said that to yourself:

You’d be surprised how little that happens in my experience, yet here I am using it as a basis for a post on my socials.

conversational English Voiceover
Six fingered barrel-scraper

See that barrel? Anyone seen my scraper?

<Flicks through notes, pushes glasses back up nose>

So, yes, conversational narration is my thing. It can really help connect with your audience.

They’ve had enough of staid, boring, ‘corporate voiceover man’ narration. Give them what they want (and that’s me in case you hadn’t twigged’.) – people love my style because it gives….

↳Relatability – Oh, he sounds like me!
↳Authenticity – Oh, he sounds like me, I trust him!
↳Ease of understanding – Oh, he speeks England like what I does!
↳Human touch – Oh, he sounds like me, er, a fellow human, but why is he touching me, GET OFF!

Ok, so I kind of lost my way on those, but you get the idea.

People like to hear people that sound like them, it puts them at ease and they pay greater attention – at last that’s what I’m telling myself.

The last item on my list is apparently a ‘call to action’ – sounds exciting. Ready?

So, If you’re looking for a narrator who can do all the above, with strictly no touching, you know what to do. If you need a demo, they’re all here!

How was that, do you feel suitably called to some sort of action?

Ok, thanks for listening. I’m off for a coffee.

Mark x

(AI-generated image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, short beard and glasses scraping the bottom of a barrel.” Again with the six fingers. Go home AI, you’re drunk.)

I’m Mark Thomas, and in case the above wasn’t clear enough, I’m an English voiceover artist with a conversational edge. You need that for your next project I’m certain.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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