When to hire a voiceover

When to hire a voiceover

When to hire a voiceover.

Check me out.

Waltzing in, dishing the #WednesdayWisdom like a long-haired, bearded shaman in sweatpants and a polo shirt.

<Wisdom Alert>

It’s a lot easier, I think if you engage your #voiceoverartist at the start of the process, instead of at the end when the animation/video is created and ask us to ‘stick to the timing’ or <shudder> guide AI voice.

Why not create the video around our voice? Given my limited knowledge of the creative process, this would seem the best way to do it. Get the tone/style/speed nailed down and then edit the visuals around it. No?

Is there a reason some of you leave us until the last moment? I’m genuinely interested, so if any producers could shed light on this, I’d be very grateful.

Mark x

AI-generated image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, a short beard and glasses scratching his chin looking thoughtful. He’s standing in a recording studio in sweatpants and a green polo shirt.” Check out old Barry Banana finger here.

I’m Mark and I’m in a curious mood. Once I snap out of that silliness I’d love to help bring your project to life with my damn good narration skillz. DM me or email mark@marksvoice.co.uk with the details.

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