This voiceover is always prepared…

This voiceover is always prepared…

This voiceover is always prepared…

Ah, Monday.

Don’tchya be looking at me like that, I see ya.

Poking your head round the corner of the week and giving a knowing wink.

Today’s post is about preparation.

I’m walking Hadrian’s Wall with my siblings in May so I’m starting to ramp up my fitness and spent Sunday on a lovely 10-mile hike in the Hampshire countryside.

However – I didn’t prepare adequately and ended up with a doozie of a blister on one of my toes by mile eight… Boo.

It got me thinking…

Preparation is everything when you are a freelance Voiceover. You can’t just rock up in the morning and start recording. You need to prepare.

Your voice must be warmed up, you need to have tested the equipment and have water on hand before you can even consider hitting record.

There was a saying in the Navy – the 6 P’s.

Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

…and apart from the mistake on Sunday, I practice this whenever I can. I hate being unprepared, it’s unprofessional for one, but also makes your life easier so why wouldn’t you take the time to prepare?

Anyway, that was my tenuous post for today.

Hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe for more gems.

Mark x

(AI-Generated Image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, glasses and a short tidy beard is sitting on a rock. He’s been hiking. He looks in a little pain.” – The hands are back. I could open a beer bottle with that thing!

I’m Mark, a well-prepared British Voiceover who wants to connect with Producers, Animators and the like. Is that too much to ask Sandra, IS IT?

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