Voiceover backup plans

Voiceover backup plans

Voiceover backup plans

Bloody roadworks.

Dropping my daughter at college this morning and the roads on two of the routes we could use were closed for repairs which meant a lot of twisty-turny residential routes and about 15 minutes extra on the journey.

Not bad per se, but it got me thinking.

Have you got plans in place for when a roadblock affects your business?

My business is pretty simple, I record Voiceovers for global clients, but it does rely on very expensive hardware – which is why I sound so awwwwwsome.

However, I also have a much cheaper backup recording solution which (if I’m being honest) would sound the same to 90% of my clients.

If something did happen, I could still record and edit audio quickly and efficiently.

Touch cheap veneer I’ve never had to smash the emergency glass and flash this up in anger.

What about you? Do you have any plans for emergencies?

Mark x

Ai-Generated image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, glasses and a short beard dressed as a scout. He’s holding a microphone and looking happy.” This is a good one.

I’m Mark, a well-prepared voiceover. Dib Dib Dib – Test me out. Go on, dare ya. Contact me.

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