Voiceover communication is key

Voiceover communication is key

Oh no.


Bin dilemma.

Half the street has the recycling bin out for collection today but I think it’s tomorrow.

I’ve double-checked on the council website and I’m still second guessing myself.

Mark, how are you going to make this into a LinkedIn or blog post? Well…

Good communication is *essential* for working with a Voiceover. Nothing makes the process more clunky than information about the script/style/tone and usage being provided piecemeal.

In an ideal world, this is given to me upfront before I even quote you.

In reality, this doesn’t happen that often and subsequently slows the process because there is a back-and-forth between us.

Give as much info to your talent as soon as you can. They’ll love you for it.

That’s how you get from bins to voiceover. It’s all about voiceover communication.

You’re welcome. Yeah yeah, tenuous I know.

Mark x

(AI-generated image from the prompt: ‘A man with long hair, glasses and a short beard looking confused at a green wheelie bin. He is holding a microphone.’ The new year hasn’t helped AI with its fingers that much.)

I’m Mark, a British Voiceover who loves it all upfront. Give it to me. Interested? Drop me a line here, or mark@marksvoice.co.uk

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