Voiceover Stuff – Hello Monday

Voiceover Stuff – Hello Monday

Voiceover Stuff – Hello Monday


Have a good weekend? Quiet one for me.

Back in the office this morning clearing up some admin and getting a few auditions out of the way.

How’s your week looking?

If you need a damn good, reliable, efficient voiceover for your next project, well here I am. I’d love to work with you.

Demos etc on my website as you’d expect, linked here, or DM me I love a DM.

Have a good one!

Mark x

AI-Generated Image from the prompt: “A man, with long hair, glasses, and a short tidy beard has his hand raised in greeting. He has a smile on his face.” aaand we’re back! State of those sausage fingers. He’s got a built-in pitcher’s mitt!

I’m Mark, a British voiceover, and we really should work together. Do I have to badger you by email? Please say not, DM me.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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