I’m Mark Thomas, a conversational English Voiceover and let’s face it, no one is probably going to read this blurb.

Mark Thomas English Voiceover in black and white with his hand on his chin.
Mark Thomas English Voiceover

You’re hiring me for my voice and really don’t care that I was born in Bedfordshire, before joining the Royal Navy in 1987 as a Radio Operator. Using my voice for my job started here!

You probably also care little for the fact I left the forces in 2001 to become an IT Security Engineer at a company called First Option Ltd in Alresford in Hampshire, before taking over as Operations Manager and finally leaving the company in 2017.

Still with me? You may be slightly interested to know I became a full-time English Conversational Voiceover Artist in 2017 – a jump from employee to self-employed that scared me then, and still scares me now.

I’ve always had an employer as a safety net – now I have to do everything myself. Boss, accountant, salesman, marketing and cleaner.

It’s going… OK. Thanks for asking. Every day is different, and I couldn’t go back to working in an office put it that way.

I’m going to bore you more by letting you know I live on the South Coast of the UK in a small town called Waterlooville. 

I’m married to Jay and have two grown-up kids – and two cats.

When I’m not recording conversational voiceover in a padded room I like reading, sci-fi movies, hiking, eating and a good beer. I’m also really into smart tech – lights, sensors, assistants etc. My house is like the USS Enterprise.

I know, sounds like a bio on an online dating website. (I used to be the voice on the front page of eHarmony, so there you go.)

Not really, it’s to show you I’m a real, normal person who you should hire immediately to narrate your next project.

​If you need a damn good conversational English Voiceover smash this link.

Take care.

Mark x