Professional British Voiceover rates can be confusing. I hope you’ll find mine clear and easy to understand.

Session Fee

My basic session fee for corporate narration, and explainer videos is £250 or EUR/USD equivalent.

This includes:

*Voicing and editing the audio file

*Studio hire

*”Non-broadcast” usage on the client’s website, social media channels, and for internal training

*Retakes in case of errors – see my terms

*The option to listen in via Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed, or telephone.

*Voiceover track supplied as a high-quality WAV file.

Usage Fee

Additional usage fees may apply for paid advertising, broadcast, TV, film, and other high-profile projects. The specific fee will depend on the project, but you can get a ballpark figure by using the online rate calculator here.

For online advertising and video on demand, knowing the approximate number of impressions will help me provide a more accurate quote.

If you don’t know the scale of the campaign, usage fees will be added on top, at 100% of the session fee per 3 months.

For TV content, having an idea of the size of the campaign (like the number of TVRs) will allow me to use this website to give you a ballpark quote.


For E-learning narration, I offer three rates:

Raw audio at £0.20 per word
Edited audio at £0.25 per word
Edited audio with file creation at £0.27 per word.

The minimum order amount is £150.

Rates for other projects are very much client and project-dependent,  though a good reference point is the Gravy for the Brain Rate Card.

Please contact me for an exact quote for your next British Voiceover requirement.