Voiceover Preparation

Voiceover Preparation

Voiceover Preparation

I’m not always stuck in a padded room.

I like to get out onto the gentle, rolling hills of the South Downs with my rucksack on, and notifications off for some mental health cleansing.

Just chilling out, walking at my own pace, enjoying the outdoor beauty that we have in abundance in this country – something that I think is taken for granted.

One thing you can’t do when going out hiking is be unprepared. You need to let people know your plans, have the right kit, and know where you are going.


And this is me shoehorning that into a post today.

Just like hiking, preparation is key for Voiceover work.


→Script prep
→Hardware check (It was working yesterday, HONEST!)
→Hydration (Stop those clicky mouth noises, ew!)
→Meeting details if needed.

…all have to be taken into consideration before pressing record and laying down your dulcet tones.

How much prep do you have to do in your job? Let me know, I’m always interested in how other people approach stuff.

Happy Hump Day by the way.

Mark x

(A REAL picture of me, in action yesterday on Beacon Hill in Hampshire – a lovely hike, just over 7 miles. The boss gave me the afternoon off. Lovely guy.)

I’m Mark, a very prepared, conversational Voiceover – put that to the test by hiring me and you’ll see how smoothly things go. Go on, dare you.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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