Company names, a plea from a Voiceover artist

Company names, a plea from a Voiceover artist

<scrape, scrape>

Sorry, this soapbox is heavy.


Right. Company names, a plea from a voiceover artist.

As a Voiceover Artist, when you receive a script and the client is slow to reply to query emails, sometimes you may find yourself having to prepare it on your own in order to crack-on with the job.

One of the biggest problems (beyond the whole grammar and spelling thing*) is company names, especially these days when they are all over the place and seem to have been generated randomly.

Imagine my surprise when this happened yesterday and I had to go to YouTube to get a pronunciation reference, and (be still my beating heart), the video said the name within the first 5 seconds!

Honestly, the dopamine hit from getting it immediately was palpable.

That meant I didn’t have to sit through multiple minutes of flashy corporate chest-thumping only to get to the end and find that their name appears in a sparkle of animation and awesome music… with no voiceover, le sigh.

In the past, as a last resort, I’ve even grabbed a phone number from their website and called them – hoping the receptionist would know it!

A small plea to companies, say your name… please.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Mark x

*Copy/script writers are a thing, and from my experience, lovely people, use them!

(AI-Generated image from the prompt: ‘A man with a long hair, glasses and a short beard with arms in the air looking happy.’ Check out old Harry Hammer Hands. )

AI-Generated image from the prompt: ‘An English VoiceOver artist with long hair, glasses and a short beard with arms in the air looking happy'

I’m Mark, an English Voiceover artist who wants to work, just once, with a company with a normal name. Is that you? Cool, get in touch.

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A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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