Blogging is making a return, apparently.

Blogging is making a return, apparently.

According to a Freelance writer I follow on LinkedIn, it seems that blogging is experiencing a bit of a comeback. There was me thinking it had never gone away.

I suppose it has kind of quietened down somewhat over the last few years, but I think the rise in AI is helping to re-energise it.

I think today’s equivalent of blogging is the continued rise of Podcasting – something I tried for a month but gave up as, well, it wasn’t very good.

The trouble with using AI for blog writing, is that it looks like you’ve used AI for blog writing.

Its prose is always a little too purple, using the same tired lines, or variations of, over and again.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that AI has a place – it can be used to generate ideas, or to check spelling and grammar of work and suggest alternative phrasing, but using it to write a thought piece and not changing any of it is not only cheating, it’s also very cringeworthy…

I use AI for most of my LinkedIn posts – not for the typed content, but for images! I include an AI-generated image in my posts, and also put the prompt I use and SAY it’s AI-generated. It seems to be quite popular, especially the game of ‘count the fingers’

I also have a blog, duh, you’re reading it! But I never seem to know what to write.

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