How do I hire a British Voiceover Artist, specifically, you?

How do I hire a British Voiceover Artist, specifically, you?

A question I get asked a few times a year at least is, “Mark, how do I work with you?” or more generally, ‘How do I hire a British Voiceover Artist?’ 

(I made the distinction of British here as processes can sometimes differ from the rest of the world.)

Well, you’ll be glad to know the process is very simple but it can help to have it in front of you.

In a nutshell, the process is this…

  1. You approach me to narrate your next project, which is a good start!
  2. If you haven’t already provided it, I’ll ask for a copy of the script (even a draft is useful for quoting).
  3. I also ask where the audio is to be used and for how long. This is to enable me to work out if any usage fee is required.
  4. I provide a quote, which of course you accept…
  5. Once you’ve approved the quote we discuss the vocal tone/style you require. I’ll also ask if you require this synced to an existing video (useful if I’m replacing the voiceover on an existing video and will cost a small amount extra).
  6. If you require a directed session we’ll arrange and date and time to record.
  7. Otherwise, I’ll carry on and record directing myself.
  8. I’ll provide the files in whatever audio format you require, via DropBox or another provider if you wish.
  9. You come back with any edits (per my terms and conditions) and I do any pickups you need and then provide the new take.
  10. You sign off the audio.
  11. I send you the invoice.
  12. You pay me per my terms for payment.

See? That’s how you hire a British Voiceover Artist, I said it was simple.

I hope this helps. All that is left for you to do is hire me!

Get in touch!

Mark x

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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