Need a voiceover?

Need a voiceover?

Need a voiceover?

Roll up, roll up.

Getchya damn good British Voiceover ‘ere. We got ’em by the paaarnd. 

(Before you hire me for the next Mary Poppins I should point out I don’t actually do Cockney – but then again neither did Dick Van Dkye so…)

Seriously though, if you need a quick, efficient narrator, well, here I am. Eight years behind the mic Sir. <touches forelock>

Demos are here, and of course, you could always pop by my DMs if you need to know anything about the process.


Even Audiobooks if the genre is right and it’s not written by AI… (You’d be surprised.)

I wasn’t going to post today, but here we are eh?

Mark x

(AI-Generated image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, glasses and a short beard standing behind a market stall selling microphones. He’s calling out to the crowd.” Could open beer bottles with that overbite.)

I’m Mark, a totally not Cockney Voiceover. I’m more neutral/Hampshire/home counties/RP kind of a deal and a prettttty big one at that so my Mum says.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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