Voiceover for Explainer Video

Voiceover for Explainer Video

Voiceover for Explainer Video


This Monday thing comes around quite regularly, doesn’t it? Why didn’t anyone warn me I’m NOT prepared for this today?

Did you have a good weekend?

I broke Dry January on Saturday and then woke up on Sunday with those feelings of guilt and dread that accompany a hangover, so I grabbed my new rucksack and hit the South Downs to both test it out, (doing Hadrian’s Wall hike in May) and also to sweat out the previous nights excesses.

It worked, both ways. The rucksack was comfortable still after 8 miles and I came back feeling much better without a hangover. Win.

It’s probably a good business lesson in there about being prepared, but I’m not one of those business is serious business posters so you’ll have to work it out yourself.

I’m in the office from 9 am if you need a Voiceover. I’m doing an #explainer first thing and then whatever else comes in.

My explainer demo is here if you want to hear what I sound like.


Along with all my others too if you’re after something else.

Have a good Monday!

Mark x

I’m Mark, A British Voiceover artist and you know the rest. DM me if you need me, I don’t bite…

(AI-Generated Image from the prompt: “A man with long hair, glasses and a short beard is wearing a rucksack and over-looking a green hilly valley” Yeah, the AI did well apart from the spade hands! Revenge of the mole-man. This chap could dig for miles.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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