Ghosting a Voiceover

Ghosting a Voiceover

Ghosting a Voiceover.

It’s a red flag, isn’t it?

I sent off a quote to a random approach last month. I then followed up a couple of times seeing how things were going only to be met with silence.

I then thanked them for the ghosting…

(yes, I know it was a bit petty but I was annoyed)

Only for them to come back and moan about me saying they’d ghosted and they wouldn’t be proceeding with the quote.

(Oh no, how will I re-coup that £50.)

It rings alarm bells for me; you just know the job would be a pita and they’d probably pay late.

I’m kind of relieved… but also a bit annoyed with myself over my snappy response. Never done that before.

Oh well, that’s my Monday. How’s yours going?

Mark x

(AI-generated image of An angry man, with long hair, glasses, and a short beard, holding a red flag – Go home AI you’re drunk. The extra hand would come in… handy, no? (sorry).

I’m Mark, a normally laid-back, non-snappy, British conversational Voiceover but please don’t ghost me.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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