Voiceover Retake Terms

Voiceover Retake Terms

Voiceover Retake Terms

<A distant yell, not unlike a Swiss goat-herder calling from a mountain>

You: Hey Mark?

Me: Yeah.

You: What’s annoying you today?

Me: Since you ask…

…Jobs which come back in months after finishing the recording with a few ‘edits’ and it turns out the whole script has changed and they want it for free.

Heh. No.

I passed you my retake terms and conditions to which you agreed. Cough up, please.


Mark x

(AI-Generated Image from the prompt: “An angry man with long hair, glasses and a short beard pointing to a clipboard he is holding. Another person is standing in front of them with their hands on their hips. The second person looks annoyed.” This is a good one. This is a VO pointing to their T&Cs.)

I’m Mark, A British Voiceover and I’m not always annoyed even though it seems like it. Honestly, terms and conditions are a thing – don’t agree if you don’t agree.

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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