Voiceover recording a phone greeting

Voiceover recording a phone greeting


I’m walking through the park. You nod to me as I’m passing you, you follow me with your gaze, a curious look in your eyes. I stop, turn and you ask…>

You, hopefully: Mark! I need a new phone greeting. Is that something you can do?

Me: Hold my beer.
<fade to black>

Also, I’m not really sure what my hands are doing. 
I seem to be conducting*. 
Do I do that all the time? 
What if I do that in public? 
Can you get arrested for gesticulating with intent?

At least I have the RIGHT AMOUNT OF FINGERS! Take that ChatGPT.

Anyway. That’s what I sound like. 

If you’d like my voice on your phone system I’m up for a DM or two (or mark@marksvoice.co.uk if you don’t want the immediacy), or you can get me here.

Mark x

*Moving my hands when I’m voiceover recording is almost like I AM conducting. You can see a few places where my hands are keeping the beat. So there you go.

I’m Mark, a gesticulating British Voiceover. Get in touch if the above hasn’t frightened you off. I’m normal really. (For a given value of normal.)

By Mark

A damn good British English Voiceover Artist based on the South Coast of the UK.

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